What We Take

Secure Disposal That You Can Trust

We accept anything with a cord, battery, or motor. As small as a cell phone to as large as a car – and everything in between! 

It does not matter what condition it is in or if it works or not.


Most items are free to process – Please click on the ‘Fees & Services’ tab for more info and email us if you have questions that are not answered here.

ALL other items can be dropped off for free.


Exceptions and items we do not take:

  • Light Bulbs of any kind. 
  • Coaxial Cable
  • VHS Tapes.
  • DVD’s and CD’s.
  • Organs and Floor Style electric piano’s.
  • Beds and Water beds (even if they have electrical components inside).
  • Furniture (even if it has electrical components inside).
  • Christmas Trees and greenery (even if they have lights on them. Note: we DO take Christmas lights that are not on a tree and metal style outdoor decorations.
  • Large plastic toy cars and other games (even if they have a battery or cord).


Hover over the boxes below to see a full list. We really do mean Anything with a Cord, Battery or Motor!! (few exceptions).

TVs & CRT Monitors

Appliances - Large

Appliances - Small


Business Equipment

Equipment - Large





Electronics - Large






Electronics - Small