Throwing away old electronics isn’t just bad for the environment, it’s also against the law in some states. Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is 100% recyclable! There is a high chance that you own some electronics you should never throw away in the trash. One of the biggest mistakes you can make for the environment and your own security is to throw away the wrong electronics!

Here are 5 electronics you should never throw away.

1. Old TVs

TV technology has advanced remarkably in recent years. Very quickly, we have gone from watching cathode ray televisions (CRTs) to flat-screen plasma, LED, and 4k monitors. Everyone upgrades, and when that happens there’s always older models laying around.

Some people choose to sell them, but some make the mistake of throwing them away.

Just the glass alone on an old square-box CRT television contains up to eight pounds of lead. The glass also holds other toxic metals including cadmium-based phosphorus. If the glass breaks, these toxic materials are released into the air or ground. There are still millions of these old-school televisions laying around peoples homes. Newer televisions have different technology, but similar environmental concerns. If you’ve got an old television set, sell it to someone who wants it or recycle it!

2. Computers

Computers are another item that should never be sent to a landfill. Not only is it bad for the environment, but computers can also be reused to make new computers. Talk about a win/win situation! So many items on a computer can be reused in the fabrication of new computers. For example, the plastic and glass can all be repurposed on a new computer. This practice helps us preserve our natural resources and be kind to the environment.

3. Cell Phones

Cell phones and tablets contain a number of valuable metal, plastics and copper. By recycling or reusing these items, we conserve precious resources and prevent pollution.

Recycling cell phones and tablets reduces greenhouse gas emissions emitted during the manufacturing process.

Recycling your phone can have a significant impact on our resources. 

4. Printers

Got an old printer you need to get rid of? As satisfying as it is to toss it in the dumpster, that’s probably not the most environmentally safe thing to do.

If you don’t need a new printer, recycling your old one is the smartest option here.

5. Old DVDs and CDs

As we transition to MP3 listing and streaming media, we are ending up with a lot of old DVDs and CDs we no longer need. Unfortunately, there is a limited recycling market for the type of plastics which make up these discs.

Your best option may be to give away your media to a local music store or sell them to someone who still uses them! Or give your CDs and DVDs to a reputable recycler who knows how to properly dispose of them.

It doesn’t require a lot of effort to throw away your electronics responsibly. In many cases, you can drop your materials off into a waste container at a recycling facility. 

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