Cross Electronic Recycling collects both consumer and business electronics such as computers, laptops, televisions, microwaves, exercise equipment, stereo and systems, games, kitchen gadgets, large appliances, lawn equipment, medical equipment, industrial equipment and much more. Truly, anything with a cord, battery or motor!

All items go through a sorting process and the items that have useful life are either repaired or refurbished and are then sold for nominal prices through the store, Redeemed Computers & Electronics.

The items that have reached the end of their useful life are fully dismantled and recycled. The program ensures that these items do not reach landfills and toxic materials such as mercury, lead, copper and other hazardous substances do not contaminate our ground.

They hold over 50 community electronic collection events each year through out the metro area, providing a way for people to dispose of unwanted items in the best environmentally sound method.

This organization has found a creative way where two problems in our community – poverty and electronic waste – can be used to help the other.