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Cross Training Center

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Cross Electronic Recycling is owned and operated by Cross Training Center.  We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and equip disadvantaged, under educated and unemployed youth and adults through character development, vocational training and work experience.  We equip our students with the experiences and skills they need to become employed on a career path so they are finally independent.  

Students learn through structured activities, detailed procedures, workforce activities and more so they are able to become an excellent employee or business owner.  We provide on the job training through each of our operations: Cross Electronic Recycling, Redeemed Computers & Electronics, Cross Automotive and Cross Social Hall.  

Our graduates become employed on a career path in many different industries.  They are able to make a living and care for their families without financial assistance. 

When you utilize our electronic recycling services, you not only get great service – but you also help others gain the skills they need to be set free from the poverty.  This is what we call Solutions to Poverty through Work!