About Us

Cross Training Center

Our Mission

Cross Training Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and equip disadvantaged and under educated youth and adults through spiritual transformation, character development, vocational training and job experience.

We empower and equip those who have been incarcerated, homeless, involved in gangs or substance abuse, who have been a victim of human trafficking, have challenging mental or emotional disorders or who live in poverty for numerous reasons.  We equip these individuals with life changing tools so they can overcome the challenges of entering the workforce and being financially successful.

Our Program

Work Experience

We teach and equip our students through practical hands-on training so they are able to apply concepts and gain valuable experience. Our work experience program is the foundation of all we do.

Vocational Training

We provide workplace soft skills training and vocational skills training that is necessary to compete for work placement.


Character Development

We train our students to bring excellence into the workplace.

Job Placement

We empower men and women to change their circumstances by providing the practical services they need to get on the right path.


We provide spiritual development that is relevant and practical to everyday life.