Reasons to have an Employee Electronic Collection Event

Employee Benefit
This is a simple way to show your employees you care.  A very practical event with very little work on your part.  Just set up a time with us and get the word out to your employees and leave the rest to us.   It can be scheduled at the beginning or the end of the workday or any time that works best for your workplace.  We will bring a truck and all that is needed to provide your employees with an easy way to dispose of their used electronics from home.  We come for up to 3 hours and provide each person with receipts for tax purposes.  Your employees will appreciate the fact that you care about them and the environment.  

Employee Team Building
Let Recycling be the theme of your next Team Builidng event.  We can help you create a fun event around the idea of recycling by setting up teams to see who can collect the most electronics to recycle in a certain period of time.   You can be all on the same team – just your workplace against the landfills!  Or make it a friendly competition between employees!!  This is a blast when you have 2 to 4 teams competing for a price.  Make teams such as the Administration Team, Sales Team or Production Team and see who collects the most.   What will the prize be?  Maybe hot breakfast for the winning team made by those on the opposite teams!  Or how about a little trinket put together by HR or simply wear jeans for a day.  Whatever the prize is, its sure to add some fun while getting eveyone to work together for a great cause. 

Community Good Will
Recycling is always good for the community but when you partner with us, there is even more good will generated.  The environment gets a clean bill of health!  Cross Training Center’s student learn alot!  Buyers who need Refurbished computers and used electronics are satisfied!  Your employees get to clean house and dispose of used items correctly!  And your companyfeels good about making it all happen!!  Let the community know you care by posting your event results on social media and even invite them to partcipate if you’d like.   However you look at it -its a win, win all around! 

What to Expect
Simple, Simple, Simple.  Set a time of 2 to 3 hours that works in the schedule of your workplace.  We provide all promotion materials, equipment, staffing, handling and transporting of all collected materials immediately upon conclusion of each event.  We will work with you to get the word out to your employees and encourage participation – with fliers, posters, online post and any other internal communications available.  We will report back the results to you as far as the weight of items collected. 
We have the experience to provide a successful event for your workplace – just give us call to get started!  

Let your employees and the world know you care!!  Call Mike today at 402-590-2100 to get started.