Community Electronic Collection Events

We have Community collection events at Schools, Churches, in Neighborhoods and other Civic Centers. 

We have periodic collection events to allow individuals to properly dispose of e-waste. We can arrange a collection event at your business, church or school. We encourage environmental care and make recycling easy.

What is a collection event?  A 2 to 3 hour window of time where people are invited to bring their out-of-service electronics for recycling.

Who? Most collection events are open to the general public.  Some are designed specifically for a certain group of people (such as a workplace collection event).

Where?  Your church, workplace, neighborhood or civic group location.

Why? They help our environment.

They get many people involved in recycling.

They keep items out of our landfills.

Get others involved in helping CTC.

Get others involved in recycling.

Bring awareness to electronic recycling importance.

They provide Cross Training Center material to use in our vocational training and work experience program.

They provide a method to collect items that are reusable through refurbishment or repair. People feel good about keeping things out of landfills and helping other.

Would you like us to have an event at your location?

We provide all promotion, materials, equipment, staffing, handling and transporting all collected materials immediately. You provide the location and get the word out to people.  This could be your neighborhood, your workplace, your school, your civic group and many other options.  All we need is a place and we will work out the details. We have experience in providing successful events to serve the community.

How? Contact us.  We provide a marketing packet for you. We send a truck to your site and handle all the logistics.  You invite others and have a few people available to help at the event.

Let us know if your interested in helping with these events in your area.