Sometimes we are unaware with just how easy it is go help our planet environmentally. There are the obvious things, like walking more and driving less, or installing some solar panels in your home. Here are more simple ways to be environmentally friendly!

Reuse and Recycle

The sad fact is that of the 270 million tons of waste produced every year, less than 130 million tons make it into the recycling process.

And yet there are some simple things you can do to decrease this amount of waste. Something as simple as checking the cleaning products you use – making sure they aren’t full of chemicals and using reusable sponges and cloths.

Use Water Smartly

Instead of simply taking a shorter shower using water supplied by a solar heater, you should consider installing a greywater system or a rainwater collection in your home.

Most hardware stores have large plastic drums that you can use as a simple rainwater collection system. Just attach them to rainwater downpipes in your home so you can collect the water and use it for your gardening needs.

Greywater systems are more of an investment, but they can significantly reduce waste water in your home. They involve the basic filtration of water from your showers and sinks that you can store for later use in your toilet.

Reduce Paper and Plastic Use

Reducing your paper and plastic at home can be so simple.

Removing yourself from junk mail lists is a good start. There is mail in your mailbox that you grab and throw away immediately. Another way is to stop buying bottled water.

Instead, buy a simple water filter and a reusable water bottle. With this small investment, you’ll not only save a ton of waste — you’ll save money too.


Becoming more eco-friendly is all about taking certain actions in your life that have a lasting impact.It’s not a case of walking to work once and giving yourself a highfive — it’s about making consistent changes in your life that become new habits.