Electronic Recycling Standards

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What We Take

We accept anything with a cord, battery, or motor. 
As small as a cell phone to as large as a Car – and everything in between. 
Working or not – We Take it All! 

Community Collection Events

There are a lot of great reasons to host a Community Electronic Collection Event. Every collection event is a wonderful team building activity and gives each team member personal fulfillment by serving and giving back to the community.

Let us help you set up an electronic collection event to serve your community.

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Volunteer Benefit

Community Building

Community Good Will

What To Expect

Ready To Host A Collection Event?


There are lots of environmental reasons to recycle electronics. A big one is reducing electronic waste or “e-waste” in our landfilles lowering the risk of toxic leaching chemicals from polluting the environment. We are committed to providing you the latest electronic recycling and e-waste news, facts, and general information so you can make the best decision for your company and your community.

Recycling Standards

Secure Disposal That You Can Trust

Improper disposal of obsolete equipment is a major liability. Electronics not only contain toxic substances that are harmful to our health and the environment, they also contain sensitive company and personal data that needs to be securely destroyed.

Downstream Vendors

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No Landfill Policy

Absolute Data Securty

Certification Standards

Fees & Services

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Secure Data Destruction

At Cross Electronic Recycling, we provide Secure Data Destruction services for businesses and individuals. We comply with Department of Defense guidelines to destroy your sensitive and intellectual property.

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Our Guarantee

Data Securty

Peace Of Mind

Data Sanitizing & Media Destruction

Certificates Of Destruction

Asset Recovery Process

  1. Collection – We collect from area businesses, schools, individuals or at one of our community collection events. Our asset retirement approach includes removal of equipment from your premises, inventory, compliant scales are used.
  2. Diagnostics – We begin by weighing and sorting all equipment. After that, we diagnose everything to determine what is usable and what is not.
  3. Items that have reached the end of their useful life go into our dismantling process.
  4. Newer computers and other electronic components go into our refurbishing department. There, each computer goes through a stringent refurbishing process following Microsoft’s standards.
  5. Select items go on sale in our store, Redeemed Computers & Electronics.