Electronic Recycling Standards

Secure Disposal That You Can Trust

What We Take

We accept anything with a cord, battery, or motor. 
As small as a cell phone to as large as a Car – and everything in between. 
Working or not – We Take it All! 

Community Collection Events

There are a lot of great reasons to host a Community Electronic Collection Event. Every collection event is a wonderful team building activity and gives each team member personal fulfillment by serving and giving back to the community.

Let us help you set up an electronic collection event to serve your community.

Learn more within each of the expandable sections below:

Volunteer Benefit
This is a simple way to show volunteers that you care.  A very practical event with very little work on your part.  Just set up a time with us and get the word out to your volunteers and leave the rest to us.

It can be scheduled at the beginning or the end of the workday or any time that works best for your community.

We will bring a truck and all that is needed to provide your employees with an easy way to dispose of their used electronics from home.

We come for up to 3 hours and provide each person with receipts for tax purposes.

Your volunteers will appreciate the fact that you care about them and the environment.

Community Building
Let Recycling be the theme of your next team building event.  We can help you create a fun event around the idea of recycling by setting up teams to see who can collect the most electronics to recycle in a certain period of time.

You can be all on the same team – just your community against the landfills!  Or make it a friendly competition between volunteers!!  This is a blast when you have 2 to 4 teams competing for a prize.  

What will the prize be?  Whatever the prize is, its sure to add some fun while getting eveyone to work together for a great cause.

Community Good Will
Recycling is always good for the community but when you partner with us, there is even more good will generated.

  • The environment gets a clean bill of health!
  • Cross Training Center’s student learn a lot!
  • Buyers who need Refurbished computers and used electronics are satisfied! 
  • Your volunteers get to clean house and dispose of used items correctly!
  • And your company feels good about making it all happen!

Let the community know you care by posting your event results on social media and even invite them to participate if you’d like.  However you look at it -its a win, win all around!

What to Expect
Simple, Simple, Simple.

Set a time of 2 to 3 hours that works in the schedule of your community and volunteers.

We provide all promotion materials, equipment, staffing, handling and transporting of all collected materials immediately upon conclusion of each event.

We will work with you to get the word out to your employees and encourage participation – with fliers, posters, online post and any other internal communications available.

We will report back the results to you as far as the weight of items collected.

Ready to host a collection event?
We have the experience to provide a successful event for your community.

Let your community, volunteers, and the world know you care!!

Contact Mike now to get started.


There are lots of environmental reasons to recycle electronics. A big one is reducing electronic waste or “e-waste” in our landfilles lowering the risk of toxic leaching chemicals from polluting the environment. We are committed to providing you the latest electronic recycling and e-waste news, facts, and general information so you can make the best decision for your company and your community.

Recycling Standards

Secure Disposal That You Can Trust

Improper disposal of obsolete equipment is a major liability. Electronics not only contain toxic substances that are harmful to our health and the environment, they also contain sensitive company and personal data that needs to be securely destroyed.

Downstream Vendors

Learn more within each of the expandable sections below:

No Landfill Policy
We have a strict no landfill policy that ensures that nothing we collect will end up in a landfill. We work exclusively with fully-certified, regulation-compliant partners.

We maintain the highest standards of environmental protection and ethical business practices. We are committed to reducing electronic waste in a safe and cost-effective way for our valued clients and to ensure the safety of our community and our world.

Absolute Data Security
Secure recycling and data destruction are both guaranteed throughout our process. Our procedure includes a full inventory of each incoming item starting with an accurate recording of all identifying codes such as serial numbers and internal identification numbers.

Our procedures include a documented chain of guardianship from the point of collection, during the physical destruction and throughout our refurbishing process that guarantees absolute data security.

Certification Standards
Our data sanitization and data destruction processes comply with all applicable local, state and federal regulations and we are able to provide a Certificate of Sanitization or Certification of Destruction upon request.

We are able to do this by working with reputable and security conscious agencies and downstream merchants that are certified through Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA).

Fees & Services

View our list of environmental and electronic recycling fees here: 

Secure Data Destruction

At Cross Electronic Recycling, we provide Secure Data Destruction services for businesses and individuals. We comply with Department of Defense guidelines to destroy your sensitive and intellectual property.

Learn more within each of the expandable sections below:

Our Guarantee

All hard drives are degaussed, cleaned and secured in accordance with Department of Defense high-level security wiping procedures (5220.22M). A Certificate of Data Destruction is provided for your records.

If you require hard drive physical destruction, we also provide a Certificate of Data Destruction for your peace of mind.

Data Security
Cross Electronic Recycling destroys your information, the right way.

We ensure that our data destruction processes are effective and secure.

Your information security is one of our primary concerns. We promise that your information remains yours and only yours. From the moment they enter our custody, hard drives, and other data storage devices are handled with the utmost care to ensure data security.

Our processes are compliant to HIPPA and Department of Defense data sanitization and physical destruction requirements.

Peace of Mind
We provide our business clients a Certificate of Sanitization for each device.

Cross Electronic Recycling is committed to the highest industry standards for asset disposition.

All of our downstream vendors are closely evaluated according to third-party accreditations. We only work with vendors who comply with our strict requirements, which includes an R2 or e-Stewards certification.

We provide secure data destruction that meets your corporate objectives and keeps your company fully compliant. Our secure data sanitization and destruction process is routinely tested and audited to guarantee that your data remains confidential and recycled components are processed responsibly.

We can help your business when you are changing hardware systems, upgrading IT equipment, moving or downsizing IT equipment or cleaning out storage areas. Don’t let those items pile up and collect dust or worst yet, put you at risk for data theft.

Contact us today to discuss what options best fit your company’s asset disposition needs.

Data Sanitization and Media Destruction
  • This type of destruction meets NIST Standards 800-88 r1 (U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology) for data wiping. ‘
  • We then test to ensure a complete erasure before a new operating system is loaded to reuse the device, which is the more environmentally friendly option for your assets.
  • Certificates of Physical Destruction (COD) includes make, model, and serial numbers.
  • Physical destruction at our warehouse with an industry standard hard drive crusher is available by request.
  • All materials are properly processed and smelted to become future electronics and other materials.
  • We also offer certificates for the hard drives within copiers and printers for a $15 fee with volume pricing available.
  • We fully sanitize data on a variety of digital and other media in compliance with regulatory requirements as well as NIST SP 800-88, NIST 800-53, JFAN 6/3, and DCID 6/3 guidelines.
  • Our NSA-evaluated degausser and proprietary, portable media sanitization and data destruction equipment allows convenient, on site performance of data destruction of media.

Certificates of Destruction

Certificates of Destruction is available with a full inventory of your electronics. Data sanitization is secure for items listed by serial number.

Clients are issued certificates of Data Sanitization and Recycling to provide a defensible third-party audit trail.

Asset Recovery Process

  1. Collection – We collect from area businesses, schools, individuals or at one of our community collection events. Our asset retirement approach includes removal of equipment from your premises, inventory, compliant scales are used.
  2. Diagnostics – We begin by weighing and sorting all equipment. After that, we diagnose everything to determine what is usable and what is not.
  3. Items that have reached the end of their useful life go into our dismantling process.
  4. Newer computers and other electronic components go into our refurbishing department. There, each computer goes through a stringent refurbishing process following Microsoft’s standards.
  5. Select items go on sale in our store, Redeemed Computers & Electronics.