Host a Community Electronic Collection Event

Whether an event is large or small, it can have a real purpose in raising community-wide awareness about local issues. Take those smaller team-building days which imply charitable or conservation volunteering, for example. Such events help to raise participant awareness of the existence of local charities and the struggles some charitable and conservation trusts undergo. 

We all know recycling is very good for the environment, but a lot of people don’t realize the ways recycling can positively impact their own community! So why have a collection event in your neighborhood? Cross Electronic Recycling has periodic collection events to allow individuals to properly dispose of e-waste. They can arrange a collection event at your business, church or school. They encourage environmental care and make recycling easy!


Here’s a list of why YOU should host a Collection Event in your neighborhood!

  • To help our environment.
  • To help get more people involved with recycling.
  • To help keep items out of our landfills.
  • To help get others involved in helping Cross Training Center.
  • To help bring awareness of the importance of electronic recycling.
  • To help provide Cross Training Center materials to use in our vocational training and work experience program.
  • To help provide a method to collect items that are reusable through refurbishment or repair.
  • To feel good about keeping things out of landfills and helping others.


There are so many components to consider that make communities special. However when people come together to achieve a common goal it can help create attributes that any community would find valuable!