Make recycling fun for the family

Recycling is an activity you can get your whole family excited about. By teaching your kids to take a dynamic role in reducing your household waste, you’re contributing to a greener future. That’s because kids who recycle will most likely turn into adults who recycle. The more engaged they are at a younger age, the better. By motivating your family to live sustainably, you’re ensuring that future generation can enjoy our planet, too.

It can be as simple as decorating your bins with your kids, to making up a recycling game that shows and teaches them which materials go where.

Instead of just throwing an item in the garbage, try to think of creative ways to make it useful again. Turning trash into treasure. It’s also a great opportunity to start a craft project with the whole family.

By recycling, you’re committing to reducing waste and doing better for our planet. Today, a lot of us are disconnected from nature. We’re either too busy, or we live in areas where green space is limited. Finding ways to enjoy the outdoors is important!

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