Recycle during your event

On average, a typical event generates four pounds of trash per person. However a zero-waste event reduces that number to less than a third of a pound per person, of which less than one ounce is non-recyclable trash. Zero-waste events require a little more planning than simply putting out a recycling bin, but aren’t too difficult once you know the secrets. Check out these simple solutions to keeping your event trash-free.

Skip Utensils – Finger foods like sandwiches let you avoid using forks and spoons that will either go in the trash or need to be washed.

Recycle Containers – Of course you need to put out containers, but be sure to have enough that guests don’t have to search for a recycling bin.

Signage – Don’t hide your recycling areas. Provide clear signs that use symbols as well as words, ensuring everyone can find the bins they need.

Bulk Servings – Single-serving food items generate a lot of waste, and in most cases the packaging can’t go into the recycle container. Serve in bulk to generate less waste.


Your first zero-waste event might be a bit overwhelming but once you learn these simple tasks you’ll find future events proceed much more easily. Take the time to plan your event and you can make a big difference in the environment!